Friday, September 7, 2007

Update on my daughter's charity blanket/WIP

I didn't want to keep those that sent my daughter squares for her blanket hanging wanted to give them a update. I would have been done a long time ago but, due to me crocheting everything insight I am only 75% done so far. Want to get it all done hopefully this weekend if not by Tuesday. For those that don't know about my daughter's charity blanket. Due to my daughter Nesa my oldest daughter that is 5 having a liver diease she's always in the hossy and hopefully one day soon she will be able to have a liver transplant. I wanted her to have a nice pretty big blanket for her during that time of need while she's in the hossy. She loves all the squares she has received from those wonderful women from Crochetville and from a couple of women from some yahoo crochet groups I am in. Thanks a bunch. :)

Here goes 75% of the blanket done :)

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Very big aint it :)

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This pic is what I have left to add to the blanket then I will surely be done for sure :)
Still trying to figure out if I am going to be adding some edging to the blanket.

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What is a blanket without a small pillow. So this is a pic of the squares that will make up a pillow :)

Thanks Melva for the squares for my daughter's blanket she loves them a lot. :)
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Thanks to all the Crochetville ladies and yahoo group ladies :)
Jessi (Thanks)
Pineknott (Thanks)
Grannytme (Thanks)
CrochetSal (Thanks)
Angelfire (Thanks)
MarleenCrochets (Thanks)
Barreia (thanks)
Vonnie (Thanks)
Hseger (Thanks)
Cherri (Thanks)
Lisaizme (Thanks)
Tracyleigh (Thanks)
Salos (Thanks)
Cshort (Thanks)
Crochetangelb (Thanks)
Irikel (Thanks)
Brennae74 (Thanks)
QuirkyVirgo (Thanks)
Trin (Thanks)
Charitas32 (thanks)
Cheeria (Thanks)
Theworm (Thanks)
Hunnibee5414 (Thanks)
Kristiemn (Thanks)
Alibra (Thanks)
Eneida (Thanks)
Buttercup (Thanks)
Moomoo (Thanks)
Melva (Thanks)

Hope I didn't forget anyone :)

Here go a quick update on a cardi I am working on or you can say one of those short sleeve jackets. Here is a WIP pic. I went to this yarn shop here in Milwaukee. I always loved this yarn shop but, I only go there about 3 times a month to get yarn. They had some new brand yarn there that I've never tried called Comfort by Berroco and I fell in love with it, it's so soft so I had to get it to make a shrug for myself. :)

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WIP pic

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Wanda Kay said...

I'm just catching up on my blog page visits, and I must say you have been a very busy lady. The purses are terrific, and the tops you made the girls are adorable. I especially love the one with the fun fur.

The blanket is going to be beautiful, what lovely squares.

MoonNStarMommy said...

That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL ... I cannot wait to see it all done. Two of my boys have medical issues, I'm not sure if you read that when you stopped by my blog... but I really think parents of "normal-healthy" children don't understand what it's like (nor would I want them too) .. so it's always nice to have other parents out there that do, to talk to.

Monica-FC said...

wow, what a blanket. I cannot crochet at all like that. I suck and thats putting it mild. lol. I gave that craft and left it to my twin sister who does it soooooo beatuiful.