Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back To My Old Self (WIP) (WIM)

Ok had a ruff weekend but, back to myself was able to let out some stress on my hooks today was able to finally finish up my little daughter Nellie's shirt just had to finish the sleeves this morning it came out nice. Love the purple yarn I used so bright and cute on her.

Here she go right here

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Back There is a tie sting in the back. :)

Close up on the first stitch I used.

An Alternate Spike SC stitch
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Loved this stitch first time using it love that it closes up the stitches very well hiding the wholes from the stitches.

Close up on the second stitch I used.
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An Slant Stitch
I also liked this one never done a slant stitch or work from one part of the stitching then find myself going back to a stitch that was slip to make the slant. Like this stitch. I used it for the bottom of the shirt.

Yarn: CSS Color: Iris
Hook: H
Stitches: double, single, chain - Stitch Pattern: Alternate Spike SC, Slant Stitch


Still working on my Shrap

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As you can seen didn't get that much done still working to at least complete the retangle so I can go to the shrug then to the shacket then the shrap so have a lot to complete here.

Here is a couple of my WIP and WIM (WIP) means work in progress, (WIM) what's in mind for those that don't know.

Here is a start of a blanket I would like to do for my niece. It's a name blanket a blanket that will have her name in it. So far this is what I got done will update you all when I am completely done with her name. Her name will be the center part of the blanket.

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(What's In Mind)
I couple of projects that I know will take a lot of time but, would like to do. I found a ebay seller on ebay that sell crochet/knit/ and cross stitch pattern graphs and I just had to get this Dora here as you can see below.

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Dora is for my daughter Nesa. I have all the yarn I need here all the colors just have to put my H-hook to work on it. I like graph patterns after tempting to do it with a cross-stitch pattern I just want to keep doing it, it comes oh so easy to me. I was also looking on the net to find my own PC Stitch program for my computer so then in the future I can do my own thinking about getting it for my birthday next month. I would get it for myself for Christmas but, due to me buying lots of things for my girls that I would be able to get it until next month. A birthday gift to myself.:)

Also here is another one, Pooh. This one is for my little daughter Nellie. I have most of the color yarn I need. I probably have all the colors just haven't checked all my yarn boxes.

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The pattern asks for Red Heart which make since to me it's what I would have used anyway for a blanket.:)

The ebay seller has a lot more cartoon characters that I liked like spiderman I would love to get to make a blanket for my nephrew, also piglet I would like to get for my niece, bettyboop I would love to make for myself to throw on my futon in my room. She has lots that I liked but, those is the main ones I would one day try to make but, for now would like to at least start then finish the ones I got now.:)

She list the colors to every body part and list the hook size and yarn you will need. You have to have a color printer in order to get to print it out. It is printed out on the graphs as you get it. :) What she explains is that the pattern she listed can fit a toddler bed for the Dora I have to chain 161 and that is with a H - hook so I know that will be able to fit a toddler bed or bigger then a toddler bed for the Winnie Pooh chain 145 still with a H - Hook.

So hopefully you will see update on my progress as I move along with the Dora and Pooh.:)

Ok there you have it a quick update. Thanks to all that kept my daughter and I in your prayers and thoughts. Just glad to be back home and us all back to ourselves:)

Now have to go get my crocheting on:)

Take care everyone.

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Sheila said...

Welcome Home Nesa and glad you able to get back to you crocheting... you have some cool projects lined up.

Mimi said...

Love the bright-colored top on your daughter!

Christina said...

The shirt looks great! Good luck with the graphs! I've done 2 graph blankets before and they took me quite awhile...when it comes to afghans I am a slow poke!

CraftyAshley said...

Nice work on the shirt. I'm glad you said what color it is because on the computer it almost looks blue. You are going to be a busy or should I say busier with all the projects you have lined up. Good luck!

Mary Sarah said...

I'm so glad Nesa is feeling better. Poor baby. The new top you made is adorable and your new projects will be fun! Hang in there! You're a great mom!

Umme Yusuf said...

That shirt is very nice and your baby is so cute. Wow! you have such a lot of projects lined up.Enjoy!!

Aurora said...

I have been so busy lately, that have not had time to check out my fav blogs........but yours was the first one i came to. I am so happy to hear that Nesa is feeling better. I will have to check out the earlier entries. I love the sweater and can't wait to see how the graph projects come out. Beautiful I am sure!

Anonymous said...

That top is gorgeous! And, I am just drooling all over the place, looking at the yarns!!

gold said...

My dd loves Dora!I can't wait to see that blanket done.
Have a great weekend!