Friday, December 14, 2007

Sew (Yeah I Sew)

I decided to dust off my sewing machine and sew up a few things today. I have been checking out all my sewing friends blogs and it got me wanting to sew. Haven't sewn in awhile and thought well let me put my hook down for a little bit and use some of the fabric I keep finding myself buying everytime I go to Walmart or to Joanne's.

So here what I got do today.

This pretty blue purse. Love the fabric so decided to make me a purse and the little small change purse to go with it. I am always changing up how I make purses I don't like to make the same shape purses all the time I change it up a bit to make it more unique. :)

My purse has one strap a silver ring that opens and close that is connected to the strap and a slive snap to help to keep the purse close.

Blue change purse has a black zipper

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Purse with blue change purse

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Inside purse

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Change purse

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Purse again

I also made my girls something Nellie has a carry along backpack and Nesa a small purse. Cute aint they lol.:) I let them go into my big containers and pick them out some fabric they both wanted the same fabric so I just whipped these up in no time.

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Nellie carry along backpack as 2 arm straps it ties up to close and a pocket on the outside of the front you can't really see the pocket because the fabric is blending into each other.

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Nesa purse has 2 straps that is connected to 4 square melt rings.

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Crochet, I wasn't going to talk about crocheting in this topic but, shoot I just couldn't hold back to long lol. So here is a update on my bolero/cardigan which I was going to make a shrap but, decided to do a bolero instead. I would have been done with this a long time ago if I wasn't stopping to do other projects so glad to say I am finally done.

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Sorry couldn't get no picture of me wearing it my mom usually take the picture but, she's not here today she wont be over my house into late tonight and I wanted to update my blog now before I get back to sewing and crocheting but, you all get the picture to the bolero it ties up in the front. If I do get a picture of me wearing it I will surely add it to my this entry.

Yarn: Red Heart, Navy
Hook: K
Stitches: Double, single

I had lot of navy yarn left so I decided to use it with black yarn to do my mom a purse my own design I am writing this pattern as I go so incase I want to make it again I will know how it goes without me having to guess how I did it.

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So far so good

Also here is a start of a circle shirt for me. I told my friend Sharon that I wasn't going to start this shirt until next month and she said, yeah right lol. She knew I couldn't wait as you all can see. But, I seen a woman on Ravelry that had on a Circle shirt her own design so I looked at her pictures the back and the front to see how she did it and I said, I can do that so as you can see I am tempting to do it give it a try. I have it all planned in my head how it is going to look and how I will piece this all together. Now I have to whip it up on my hook and hope it turns out like I have planned. It should most of the things I plan in my head turns out like I predicted.:)

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I need 2 circles in order to make it that both half circles are on both sides of my body and connect in the middle of my back and in the middle of my front. Then I will start to make the sleeves and go from there hard to explain when I am picturing it in my head.

Ok thats it for now have to get back to sewing have another purse I want to make.
I also have to finish up some Christmas shopping later or tommorrow not sure when, I guess when I get my lazy self up lol. Right now it's snowing so I don't want to get out there in that snow. So everyone have a great weekend and get crafty this week. Take care. Happy Holidays:)

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Christina said...

Lesa, I love your sewed bags! You should sell them! I woul;d definitely buy one of those awesome bags from you!

Love the crochet shrirts you're doing. I stay amazed at how much you get done at once.

CraftyAshley said...

I would of picked those fabrics as well, they are gorges. Maybe you should bottle up and sell how fast you get stuff done. I would buy 10 bottles. Have a great weekend!

Kylie B said...

Oh I love your sewing, those bage are wonderful.

Caroline said...

Love your purses! I'm a sewer too, but haven't got the machine out in over a month. (The last thing I made was a table runner for Thanksgiving.) Great color on your bolero.

Umme Yusuf said...

Wow, you have great talent. I also like to sew but have to struggle. How do you manage so much with two kids? All the projects are lovely. Very pretty fabric and pretty bag styles. Way to go!!

Sheila said...

Glad to hear you're feeling the sewing bug. Cute projects.

Lesalicious said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. Ummeyusuf I do find it hard to do so many projects when I have 2 girls and a household. Thats why when it comes to crocheting and sewing I seem to do more crocheting due to that is more flexiable since I can take that everywhere with me. My girls understands that I crochet and every now and then sew. They like to see me crochet they say MOM you do that fast I mostly find myself doing a lot of crocheting late at night when my girls are sleep.

Everyone thanks for the feedback:)

Laurah said...

Wow! You are so talented! Sewing is not my thing and I'm putting off lining two tiny purses. I love your bags and I agree that the fabric is really nice, too.
The yarn for the shrug is a great color. I can see it working with a lot of different outfits.