Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pretty In Pink

Finally I can say I finished my niece's blanket and since I had a lot more yarn left I decided to make her a hat and a neckwarmer. I keep coming across so many blogs doing neckwarmers so I went ahead and gave it a try plus I am all good for a quick project. Also I crocheted a button on the neckwarmer first time doing a button and neckwarmer they both came so easy to me.:)

First want to show off the blanket that I so love and have to say I am so proud of myself it came out just like I wanted it to didn't take long to whip this up at all.

So here goes the "Pretty In Pink Blanket"

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Close up on the name

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Close up on the hearts

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Back, look at how the back looks so clean no yarn has been cut all the yarn has been crocheted into the blanket. I wanted to keep a clean back part and not have yarn strings everywhere then have to figure out how to weave in the ends later.

Yarn: Red Heart, Pretty In Pink and White
Stitches: SC, DC for the V stitches that is on the edge of the blanket to make the ruffles and puff stitches
Hook: H hook for the middle of the blanket I hook for the bottom top and around the blanket

Ok like I said, before had some extra yarn and wanted to whip up a hat and a neckwarmer for my niece now she has a pretty in pink blanket, hat and neckwarmer.

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Hat and Neckwarmer

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Close up on that button, aint it cute lol

Yarn: Red Heart Pretty In Pink, White
Stitches: Sc
Hook: I for neckwarmer H for hat and F for button

Ok here go a quick update on that shrap I was making decided to change it to a tie up bolero instead so go my WIP for that have to finish the sleeves will get to the sleeves today for sure. Since I have been working on blankets I have neglected to get back to my wearables I will surely finish this off because I have more wearables in mind I would like to start crocheting hopefully in January.

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Here goes WIP picture.

So there you have it everyone my finished project and WIP project. Hope everyone have a great day take care.

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Christina said...

WHOA!!! You finished that SO fast!!!

It all looks fantastic!!

Gauge before Beauty said...

You always do such nice work, and DAMN you're quick!

Debbi said...

Great work!

Anonymous said...


Mimi said...

Cute gifts! I love the little hearts ;)

The Mad Crocheter said...

Wow, I am so impressed with how neatly you did the name on the blanket! It's adorable!

CraftyAshley said...

Great job like always! When you mean whip you mean whip. You are so speedy and also at the same time so precise. Looks beautiful!

Laurah said...

Aw! That is so cute! I hate changing all those colors. You were smart to carry the yarn. The less ends the better! What a beautiful, personalized gift. It is so special to receive such a personalized present. Great job!

Cami said...

Wow that was super fast. It looks great. And I love that you made some extra stuff for her out of the leftover yarn.

naida said...

wow, that blankie looks great!! wonderful work as usual :) I also like the extras yoy made witht he leftover yarn.

Krystal said...

Lesa That blanket is beautiful! I love it!!


Sheila said...

You did a fabulous job on the blanket and agree you are fast. Your niece will enjoy it immensely.

Genia said...

The blanket is wonderful, but then again all of your work is nice -- I am a fan!

Vicki said...

Everything you do is always so beautiful! Pink is my favourite colour :-)

gold said...

You did a wonderful job on that blanket!!!!They are going to love it!I would love to learn how to crochet peoples names and designs in things!!

Have a great weekend!!