Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hand On Fire

Well got a lot of crocheting done these pass couple of days. Finish one of my PIF's sorry can't show that also finished a purse for a online friend can't show that either she checks out my blog often.

But, what I can show is some latest projects.

I completed my swap for Swap Swap Gals but, wanted to make a couple of dish cloth for a friend of mines. So wanted to show them off.

2 of them are done in V-stitch

Here is the first one. If you want the stitch pattern for the v-stitch check out Surprise Stitch Blog


Here is the second one. Also you want this v-stitch check out Surprise Stitch Blog.


This one was done in shell stitching


I like them they came out ok. I think she will like them also.:)

Done with Sugar and Cream
with a H-hook for all 3 cloths

Ok did my oldest daughter Nesa a pretty shell stitch poncho she so loves it got the pattern from HERE I've saw so many people doing these shell ponchos for there little ones that I decided to give it a try. Plus Nesa haven't had a poncho in awhile and lots of kids at school have been wearing ponchos that was brought and not crochet so wanted to make something you know more unique for Nesa. Plus she been asking me to make her one. So I whipped this up in like 1 hour wrist still hurts from doing those dang triples.

It is done with Red Heart called Cherry Dip
With a K hook
Done in Triple stitches



I think I will have her wear some beige pants with this with a cream shirt.

I have a little bit more of that Cherry Dip Red Heart thinking about finding a nice stitch pattern and make Nellie a scarf with hood so that will be my weekend there oh also to finish Nesa denim jacket. Nellie haven't cut that up at least not yet.

Now I will have my February busy with another swap for Swap Swap Gals. Everyone been voting on the next theme and it looks like All About Hearts will win. So I have had a lot on my mind for somethings I want to crochet up for that swap coming soon. So sorry there wont be any pictures on my swap gifts until my swap partner receive her gift then you all can check that out next month until then everyone will be on there toes lol. Oh also welcome to our latest Swap Swap Gals. Katrina and Fatima

Ok there you have it my latest work. Everyone have a great weekend and take care.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Laurah said...

Aw, your daughter looks so happy in her new poncho. I hate trebles too, but the poncho looks so good!
The dishcloths are nice. I like how they are all the same color, but different stitches. The shell pattern looks pretty. Looks like your swap blog is really taking off with all the new members. I can't wait to swap!

Christina said...

Lesa, everything looks so good. Don't you just love that poncho pattern? It works up so quickly! Love the dishcloths. That yellow is a nice sunny color for the kitchen!

Zuleika said...

That poncho is gorgeous! Your daughter looks so happy with it too! :-)

Laura said...

The dishcloths and poncho are all beautiful! That's amazing that you were able to make the whole poncho in an hour - I'm totally jealous! : ) I'd love to be able to make one of those ponchos in the round, but those fancy shell stitches make me nervous!

CraftyAshley said...

Well you sound busy, busy, busy. But I am mailing out a package today. I can not wait for you to get it. I am probably going to get a tracking number for it so I will let you know as soon as I send it out. Now off to make breakfast.

Sheila said...

Nesa is one happy princess, she is totally loving her poncho. Cute dishcloths, I have yet to make my mom's dishcloths and she asked me last

Terri said...

Beautiful work. Will definately be checking out that website for patterns.

naida said...

hi Lesa, great projects as always. I saw that Cherry yarn yesterday at Walmart...its very pretty :) The poncho looks great on your little one.

Anonymous said...

Lesa! I am awarding you the You Make My Day award on my blog!

C. Dishmey said...

Nesa gets hooked up!!!! I love the poncho on her :-)

Monica-FC said...

very nice. i sure wish i could croschet that good. But since I can't and I SUCK BIG time and my twin sister and my mom will tell you that. lol.