Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Progress Here

Ok how my weekend looked.

Well my daughter Nellie is always losing her hat or her scarf or sometimes both so I decided to do her a scarf with a hood. I had a bit of that Red Heart Cherry Dip left over from Nesa poncho so I whipped up her scarf with a hood. No pattern just found a nice stitch pattern I liked and went for it with the scarf then worked the hood from the center part of the scarf. I used Nellie head as a guide on how big I wanted the hood to be. So here she goes.:)


After I finished and put it on her I said if this was red I would had said, Little Red Riding Hood lol.


Close up on scarf with hood

Close up on scarf stitches

Red Heart yarn, Cherry Dip
Dc and Sc

I also worked on a small black and white pillow I am doing not done so no picture on that just yet hoping to finish that soon. Also decided to get back to one of my shirts so today I want to work on that most of the day. A couple of swaps for Feb I want to get started on in a couple of days wow so much to do huh lol.:)

You Make My Day Awards, like to thanks Angela "Riohnna" for this award thanks a bunch I so loved coming to your blog you always make my day but, at times you do make me hungry with all those goodies lol. Photobucket

I like to give this award to 10 other luck lady bloggers that makes my day and inspire me with there wonderful crafts from crocheting, knitting and sewing.:)

Here goes:)


Hope you all enjoy the awards pass it along if you like.:)

Well my sewing machine that I got from Christmas wasn't hitting it off for me it was broke I only used it once then went back to my own sewing machine thinking it was just me that wasn't doing the new sewing machine right after yelling at my new sewing machine by Brothers I figured out it was the dang machine all along the bottom part where the bobbin goes it was bend to the point my bobbin wont stay in there it kept falling out everytime I started sewing so I gave up on it and took it back.

In a small way I was glad to take it back because I got to look around and find something better. I always wanted a computerize sewing machine but, due to them costing a arm and a leg I never got one but, after watching on HSN I finally found one I liked and it in my prize range. So I will have to get it. I also wanted to get me a serger to make well the clothes I make look a like pro looking. But, same thing with a serger cost a arm and a leg but, finally found one I like and so have to get it here go the Brothers CS 6000i computerize sewing machine and Brothers 10340 serger I am going to be getting they both have all the features I want and totally need. So I will be getting my sewing on. Dont you just love them lol. I was glad I didn't fall in love with my new sewing machine but, oh well. This only means I will need more fabric oh and more room in my sewing room. Always need a excuse to remodel from time to time huh.

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Warrior Maiden said...

That hooked scarf is awesome!

TaWonia said...

Lesa...I love your work. You inspire me so much. I am posting some new pics today so come on over and visit my blog...

Sheila said...

Thank you so much for You Make My Day Award, how sweet of you. Ok, you must do a pattern for the hoodie scarf.... I totally love it and your daughter looks so warm in it. I'm staring at the two sewing machines with emerald eyes, b/c I so want a serger, but have no clue how to use

Sheila said...

Thank you so much for You Make My Day Award, how sweet of you. Ok, you must do a pattern for the hoodie scarf.... I totally love it and your daughter looks so warm in it. I'm staring at the two sewing machines with emerald eyes, b/c I so want a serger, but have no clue how to use

Laura said...


Awwww, thank you much for the award! I love the scarf! You always amaze me with how you whip up so many cute designs without patterns!

Yasmin said...

That is one cute little girl and the hooded scarf is really pretty too.

Laurah said...

Thanks for the Award! I love seeing all the projects you make and I'm always impresssed with your ability to crochet and sew anything with out a pattern. Oh and Riohnna's blog makes me hungry, too!
I love the hooded scarf. It's a perfect 'little red riding hood' scarf. The stitches for the scarf part are very pretty and I'll bet it's really warm. I always get a chill in the wind between my scarf and my hat.
Aren't sergers great? I took a sewing class as a teenager where we made pjs, and even though I'm not a big sewer, I was impressed with the 'store-bought' seams. You're lucky to get one.
Can't wait to see the black and white pillow!

Mary Sarah said...

Hey, hey, hey! Great work, as always! I love the hooded scarf for Nellie. It looks so cute on her. Good luck with your new machines! I think I'm jealous. I love the different stitches you're posting too.

Terri said...

Love the scarf, it looks fabulous.

gold said...

You are so sweet thank you!I am loving that hat you made your dd.
Congrats on your new sewing machine and serger.I want a serger too one day I am going to find one in my price range.

Umme Yusuf said...

lovely scarf. nice machines!

Mimi said...

Oh how nice Lesa, to find me included in making your day award! I may be able to share some projects and tips, but none of the lively stories that you do. For that, you are totally in my list :)

Lovely scarf with hood, I'm sure Red Riding Hood would be envious of it ;)

I'm happy for you to be getting those Brothers machines, good investment for you!

Christina said...

Thanks for the award Lesa!! I love your blog too! I really like the hooded scarf. It looks warm and cuddly. Also the fact that she can't lose it as easily is a big plus!

CraftyAshley said...

Thanks for the award! I too love your blog! I lover your scarf. The colors are great! (hehe I love those colors!) Good luck with getting a new sewing machine and serger. I can't wait for your package to get there. lol Have a great day!

Zuleika said...

Oh that hascarf is cute! Your daughter looks adorable in it! :-) I've been meaning to do one of those for years. Darned procrastination! lol Glad all is well. :-)

Monica-FC said...

love seeing your work. and getting new machines and remodeling the craft room is a great reason for me or anyone. :)

Vicki said...

As always your work is looking really lovely!!

Vicki said...
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naida said...

Hi, thank you for the great award :) I'll put it on my blog soon. Very cute little hood you made! Looks warm.