Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On With The Show

Starting off with somethings that is happen on a couple of blogs I run. Swap Swap Gals have a voting going on for our next swap theme. Hoping to get peoples votes you don't have to be a swap swap gal to vote. So go over there and vote everyone. :)we have 4 themes to vote for. There is still room for more swappers to join. Welcome Dawn and Laurah glad you both joining in on the fun.

Also would like to tell everyone about a Surprise Stitch blog that has started so for those that was on the CAL surprise stitch board I have moved it to a blog due to it was taking up way to much room on a board and a blog is much better. Why I didn't do that before is beyond me. So for those crocheters that is looking to learn a new stitch once or twice a week Surprise Stitch is there for you. Everyone is welcomed to join all the information is on the blog. You don't need a blog to join. There is 5 of us so far so still waiting for the rest of those crocheters out there.:)

Ok enough about all that,
Now on with the show

Ok let me do a quick update on my latest projects. Ok can't show to much on my PIF #1 just a teaser pic is all I can do. It took me awhile to get this project just like I wanted it I had to start over 4 times but, now I have it just like I want it.

I am so hoping she likes it can't show to much she is a regular blog reader but, when she gets it and post about it on her blog which I know she will I can have a link from mines to hers so you all can see it.:)

Here is another teaser this I am sending to a friend of mines she checks out my blog so I can't show to much just a quick teaser.

Same here can't show to much.:)

Oh for those that remember I was in the progress of sewing my oldest daughter denim jeans well the jeans was laying on the table minding it's own business until la la la la Nellie creeped up on the denim with some scissors and cut off one of the legs grrrrrr. So that let the denim leg-less. I wish I could have had my camera so I could have had snapped a picture of her sitting there with the denim jeans and scissors. I was glad that I didn't get much of it done because I would had been very upset but, I just looked at the denim and look at Ms. Nellie and just throw the denim into my scrap box. I see she is trying to learn to do what mommy do lol:)

So I decided to go ahead and start on Nesa jacket. After lining it and sewing it I sat down with Ms. Nellie to let her know you is NOT going to cut this. She looked at me and say ok mom. The jacket haven't yet to be touched. Woo Hoo

All most done have to add the collar, sleeves and the belt bucket then done.

Is it just me or what when it comes to my hobbies like crocheting I will go on Ravelry I look at everyone work on there and be like omg I want to do that I want to do this and that. So my queue list keeps getting longer and longer. My WIP list keeps getting way to big to handle. There are some things I find on Raverly that others would have done on there own without patterns. If you know me patterns I don't to much need just give me a couple of pictures and I will go from there.

There is one lady I came across her pictures of a circle shirt no pattern her own so I decided I want to do it myself knowing me I think I can do it I just have a long way to go with it. So far so good. Not much progress due to that I have to make 2 big big circle and piece them together and then add some short sleeves. All worked out in my head so hard to explain at this time.

See: So far so good so look for that in the near future.


And she has another shirt with ribbing at the bottom and different color strips at the top I want to give that a try also I think she done it in knitting but, I want to do it in crocheting but, with longer sleeves then what she had. So far so good. It will be awhile on both of those due to me doing so much at once and also the ribbing part of the shirt takes much longer then I thought I am so used to crocheting without look at the stitches but, with the ribbing part I have no choice but, to look at the stitches and I am working with a H-hook I was so glad I didn't choice a F-hook I would have been very pissed then lol. But, so far so good. Look for my circle shirt and striped/ribbed shirt in the future.

But, here go so far so good. I have both pieces for the bottom ribbing part for the front and back. I am working those first I like to do both pieces at once so then I when it comes to the striped part and it comes to putting everything together it tends to go faster that way for me.


Upcoming projects are a couple of sewing projects haven't yet figured out what yet the kids keep asking for way to much at once.

Upcoming projects for crocheting is PIF #2 my friend's mom's a purse, Swap things for February at Swap Swap Gals Blog. I am still tallying up the votes but, either way it goes I am ready for it. I have lots on my plate and mind. :)

OK I want to show you all my inspiring boards. I have only 2 boards done but, I really have 6 in total just haven't cut and pin all the rest but, here go some crochet inspiring things some I want to do in the future some I just like a lot.:)


Either I find some pics off the net or in magazine:)

Now days you have to find a way to inspire yourself since tv don't to much show off crocheting don't know why they took Uncommon Threads off grrrr that did at least inspire me there. Been watching Shay what's her face and now been watching Sew With Nancy to get inspired by sewing. Just wish now days they will have crocheting on tv a lot more.

For those that haven't noticed there is a movie coming out going to the movies I think its called She Has Moves or something like that if you watch the previews of that you will noticed that there are a couple of the girls on there wears crochet news caps I was like ooooo it's about time. So was happy to see that on tv not much of a younger crowd wears crocheting.

Well there you have it:

Thanks everyone for dropping in to my blog. Everyone have a great day, evening night whatever. Take care:)

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Sheila said...

Awww about the denim pants, but I'm sure your daughter now understands the importance of her act. It could also be a sign that she's ready to learn how to sew. BTW I put in my vote.

Laura said...

That's funny about your daughter cutting off the pants leg, although I know you weren't laughing! I feel your pain - my kids have ruined so many things of mine, and things in my house that I've lost count!

Christina said...

Oh no about the pants! Nellie is trying to be like her mom. Your PIF looks like its great colors. Can't wait to see the whole thing! I'm always amazed at how many WIPS you have and can finish. I really love your inspiration boards. What a great way to remember projects you want to try.

Mimi said...

Surely little Nellie wants to be like her mom ;) You're such a sweet mom to understand.
You're right about wanting to do so many projects while seeing them and getting inspired. I'd really have to focus on finishing what I started before I browse on projects esp. on Ravelry :p

CraftyAshley said...

Silly Nellie! Oh well you know it happens to the best of us. At least it wasn't her hair. My oldest Cassy did that one already! All your projects look great like always. I am getting so much closer to finishing your stuff. I can't wait for you to see it all! Have a great day!

Laurah said...

That's too bad about the jeans! When my brother was five he 'practiced' using my mom's craft scissors on a new pair of pants. Must be something about developmental stages or something.
You inspiration board is a good idea. I like to keep a notebook for that sort of stuff, but maybe I should include photos too. I didn't know that Uncommon Threads went off the air! I only saw on episode that was on YouTube. Too bad.
The circle shirt looks interesting. I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

naida said...

oh no! about those pants....she wants to be like her mom though, thats sweet :)

your wip's look great! youre still the fastest crocheter/sewing lady I know :)

Sandytoo said...

Hi, Lesa. Boy, you DO have a lot going on! I dont know how you can handle it all :) I have a bunch of WIP's too and here I am crocheting a SOCK!

I really like that circle shirt...looks like something I should try. Ravelry can be a curse...he,he... Just SO many cool things on there and SO little time :)

Have a great weekend!


gold said...

Wow you are one busy Lady!Can't wait to see all your projects.

Anonymous said...

I see you've been busy! Where do you find the time? Can I borrow some since you have so much LOL?!? I'm looking forward to seeing all your great work :D



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