Thursday, January 3, 2008

So Far So Good/Upcoming Weekend Projects

Ok have my week cut out for me lots of projects that I want to get done but, let me give you a brief overall on my latest projects.

Ok I did start a CAL on the Ville but, due to them thinking it was copyright laws I had to try my hand at doing it on my own. I really didn't understand that I didn't give a whole pattern also the stitch I did wasn't even the whole stitch pattern and where I got it from they made a damn error so I had to correct that myself. But, anyways enough about that for those that want to join in on the Surprise Stitch A Week CAL click here Oh so simple it's just for CAL only small board that isn't to hard to get around you have to register to see the CAL category. I thought by doing this CAL people that want to get out of the same ole same ole basic stitches and want to put there hands in something new but, also have others that is with them the whole way where they can get help anytime. But, anyways the first stitch I post I gave it a try whipped up a baby blanket not done yet but, here is a quick picture of it so far.

Ooooooo pretty aint it lol.

Close up

Ok now on with my next project a nice pretty crocheted bag aint it cute. I like it so much that I don't know if I am going to list it on Etsy oh by the way my Etsy is up and running so everyone wish me luck on selling.

But here go the purse.

Front has a nice pretty button for closure. Double strand of course to give it a litte bit more stiffness. With 2 shoulder strap that is single crochet and then braided together to give it that rope like look to it.



I am thinking about writing a pattern up for this purse. It came out nice and it don't take long at all. A quick one day project not even one day a couple of hours I did this while watching tv.

Ok now I gave it a try with crocheting me a sock to see if I can do it, it took me awhile to get the hang of where to decrease as I worked my way down to the toes. Mainly I use my foot as my guideline kept trying it own as I went. I made it a bit wider at the top so it could be a fold down kind of sock.




I like how this sock turned out I just have to do the second one now.

Ok here is some fabric that I will be using on some weekend sewing projects. I want to make 2 of my friends a purse each I think they will like the purses. So I have to get busy this weekend with those.

First purse/black denim/ with a marble like blackish/grey fabric for the inside lining and of course some interfacing for stiffness I like that word stiffness mainly when it comes to a purse you want a purse that has a lot of give to it. Haven't yet decided how I am going to do it just going to get cutting and see where that leads me.

Second purse/dark blueish denim/ with purple fabric for the inside lining. :) So I have my week and my weekend cut out for me.

Everyone have a great day/night whatever. Take care. Thanks for stopping by. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE The purse, Lesa!!!!

Aurora said...

The purse is really good......I like that....socks are cute, I have not done socks yet........but you keep inspiring me girl!!

Laurah said...

Aw, for some reason I can't see any pictures on your blog. It must be my computer or something. I'll keep checking back so I can see your FOs.
Tha CAL stitches sounds good. There are so many great stitches out there, but so little time to comb through a bunch of stitch dictionaries.

CraftyAshley said...

Nice projects. You are super fast and do great work! Your purses are to die for like always. You should be like "Purse Queen" or "Queen of the Purses". Have a great night Purse Queen!

Lesalicious said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by for those that couldn't see my pictures when you came by at that time photobucket been tripple so for some reason my pictures didn't show up for everyone but, hopeful it should be fixed and you would be able to see my pictures. I see them now so hoping all is cool.

Laurah said...

I can see pics now! Whew. Glad it was only temporary. Love the baby blanket. The stitch is really pretty with that pastel yarn. I love the tan purse! The braided handle is a nice touch and the tassels are my favorite part.
The sock looks good too: soft and warm.
Can't wait to see how the purses sew up!

Christina said...

The baby blanket stitch is so pretty! Your purses are drool worthy!

Laura said...

Wow, what awesome projects, all of them! I especially love the socks and the baby blanket! The stitch pattern for the baby blanket is so pretty! You just amaze me with how fast you crochet - I'm totally jealous! :)

Mary Sarah said...

You're amazing! Love the purse!!! and yes, I'd love it if you'd write up the pattern. Sell it. I'd buy it and would love to make one. Baby blanket and socks are great. I haven't tried socks yet, but want to. Can't wait to see your sewing projects. Have a great one!

Mimi said...

I love your new designed purse, so cute!

Caroline said...

Good job on you sale at your Etsy store!

Sandytoo said...

Lesa, your sock came out super...great job! I like the bag too...looks very pretty, yet sturdy.

And congrats on your Etsy shop. I think I am going to end up selling on Etsy, too, in the near future.

Thanks for visiting my blog, too :)


Sheila said...

Congrats on your first sale. You are going to do so well b/c your bags are just too cute. BTW I totally love that cupcake. Also I've changed my blog address to

naida said...

Hi Lesa, great projects and very cute socks!